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We manage Lifestyle Disorders through Right Thali and Nature's Pill!

Do you know there is a correlation between the food you consume and the lifestyle you live?
If the food consumption is altered, you tend to face some lifestyle disorders. We at Rich Inserts understand this correlation very well and take you through the journey of nutritious yet tasteful food to take charge of your health.



We are dedicated to bring the innate nature's care on the platter for a holistic diet. We help you understand and complete your thali, assist you with expert diet consultation and fulfil your body's nutritional requirements through our diligently prepared supplements if required.


Because we always believe that it's everyone's right to live a healthy life!


Rich Inserts is a part of PMB Health Science Ltd., a company started by two visionaries having a rich exposure of business & management. We are a dedicated team holding 50+ years of experience in the healthcare industry & striving hard to make your life comfortable. We always believe that a healthy living is possible only with a balanced lifestyle. Rich Inserts offers a perfect blend of nutritional advice and effective supplements to keep you fit throughout. To help you achieve your fitness, you are assisted by a team of dedicated clinical nutritionists and world class products which are designed and manufactured under strict quality control measures. 


Quality is always a priority for Rich Inserts. We leave no stones unturned in bringing you the best of what we offer for your Rich Health. Our products go through R&D backed by Scientific Interventions. Our supplements contain only herbal extracts which is the purest possible form of any herb. Our procurement team is committed to hand-pick everything that goes into our products. We work day in and day out to constantly improve the quality and maximize consumer satisfaction through our products and services.

Experience an assured guidance towards Health & Wellness through Nature's Goodness


  • Top 3 Reasons to Choose Us

    We Help You To Identify The Gaps And Loopholes In Your Lifestyle And Nutrition

    When you register at Rich Inserts, you get a lot of information about lifestyle disorders which helps you to understand and manage your conditions in a better way. Understanding your condition and the need to make changes in your lifestyle is half the battle won. For the rest our experts are there to help you

    Our expert diet recommendations are custom made

    Our diet management program initiates from the in-depth analysis of your eating habits and lifestyle to identify any gaps and loopholes that may be present. Based on these findings our diet experts suggest certain subtle refinements in your diet and lifestyle habits. Also, they offer you a customised diet plan according to your condition, keeping in mind your food preferences and convenience. We believe in correcting the root cause instead of eliminating the symptoms.

    The Right Thali Concept

    We at Rich Inserts always believe that we understand "The Right Thali Concept" which resolve many problems on their own. It is said that thali has roots in Ayurveda ("Ayur" meaning life, "veda" meaning knowledge), the ancient Indian holistic system of medicine. The Ayurvedic philosophy states that any disease is the result of an imbalance and that to correct this imbalance, the whole person—mind, body, and spirit—must be tended to, with food as one of the primary means. Long before the USDA established guidelines for a balanced diet, Ayurveda was using the Six Taste Theory to ensure meals balanced to the doshas (type of energy of the body), which regulate digestion, assimilation, and proper elimination. Thali is said to be a complete representation of these six tastes (sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent), which are essential for a balanced meal and a balanced body.

    The advantages of a Thali include

    • It is nutritionally "balanced".
    • Promotes portion control as you end up eating more variety of dishes rich in fibre and phytonutrients, which promotes satiety or a feeling of fullness. (You naturally end up eating less of carbs).
    • A variety of flavours and textures which makes you satisfied.
    • Eating a meal in sequence (the different courses) also has health benefits.
    • Every thali meal has a dish either made out of curd or the meal is finished with a curd, chaas or lassi which is rich in probiotic that promotes gut health.


  • Wonderful experience after consuming for one month. I feel my mental abilities have improved and fatigue levels have come down.

    Raja Dutta
  • Rich Inserts is a life changer for me and I want to pass this message to everyone.

    Manoj K
  • After consuming Brain Support for one more month. I feel my mind is working better, with more focus and concentration. Also stress levels have come down. I am able to take better and faster decisions

    Raja Dutta
  • Excellent counselling and support I have got results within a short time and following diet advice regularly. My diet has been customised according to my need and food habits. Easy to follow

    Anita Shukla
  • Excellent counselling and support I have got results within a short time and following diet advice regularly. My diet has been customised according to my need and food habits. Easy to follow

    Anita Shukla