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Rich Coins

What are Rich Coins?

Rich Coins are coins that you earn on every purchase of products from Rich Inserts website.

How can you earn Rich Coins?

Whenever you purchase any product from our website, you earn these coins. Every product has been allocated some coins which get credited to your account against each purchase.

How to Redeem Rich Coins?

You can redeem your Rich Coins against any purchase done on

Every 10 Rich Coins is equivalent to Rupee 1.

Rich Coins cannot be redeemed for cash or transferred to anyone. Redemption will be totally against the purchase of products and services (diet).

When will Rich Coins be Credited?

Rich Coins will be credited once the purchase has been completed successfully.

What happens to my Rich Coins in case of partial or complete order cancellation or return?

In case of partial or full order Cancellation or Returns, proportionate deductions will be made from your Rich Coins balance.

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