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Weight Management

The Key to A Healthy and Active Life

Weight management is the term used to describe both the techniques and underlying physiological processes that contribute to a person's capability to attain and maintain fitness. Most weight management techniques contain long-term lifestyle strategies that encourage healthy eating and day-to-day physical activity. Moreover, weight management affects developing meaningful ways to track weight over time and to specify perfect body weights for different people.

Due to the rising obesity rates in many parts of the world, Good weight management techniques most often focus on gaining healthy weights through slow but continued weight loss, followed by maintenance of perfect Fatty Liver, and body weight over time.


Understanding the fundamental science of weight management and some of the techniques for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is very important to a person's overall health because obesity is a risk factor for many chronic disorders, like Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease.

The prevalence of overweight and obesity are increasing in India in recent years even though under-nutrition continues to be an important public health issue even in the 21st century. Despite the availability of a few therapeutic agents, the management of obesity is still mainly non-pharmacological. Physical activity and dietary modifications are the cornerstones of the management of overweight and obesity as well as in the correction, management, and prevention of lifestyle disorders.

There are many factors that contribute to a person's weight, including diet, physical activity, genetics, environmental factors, medications, and illnesses. Each of these factors affects weight in different ways and to varying degrees, but health professionals most often stress the importance of diet and physical activity above all other factors because they can be affected by conscious behavior modification.

weight management

The science behind weight management is complex, but one of the key concepts that governs weight management is Energy Balance. Energy Balance is the phrase used to describe the difference between the number of calories a person consumes and the number of calories that same person expends (a.k.a. burns) in a given time period. The quantity of food and drink consumed by an individual plays a very important role in weight management. Additionally, the types of food and drink a person consumes are also very important to weight management. Not only is it important to eat a well balanced diet in order to get the proper amount of vitamins and nutrients each day to prevent illness, but it is also important to be aware that certain qualities of foods and drinks (for example: energy density, palatability, sugar content) can have profound effects on weight by affecting hunger and satiety in different ways.

Physical activity is one of the main components of a person's daily energy expenditure. Physical activity can be related to a person's professional activities, it can be part of non-work-related daily activities, or it can be in the form of physical exercise. Such physical activity may help a person to maintain a healthy weight and avoid developing noncommunicable diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and dyslipidemia (high cholesterol). Increasing physical activity is particularly important following a diet to prevent catch-up fat. There is evidence that exercise alone is not sufficient to produce meaningful weight loss, but combining dieting and exercise provide the greatest health benefits and weight loss on the long term

Dietary assessment has a key role in all such conditions. Comprehensive diet programs, providing counselling and targets for calorie intake, are more efficient than dieting without guidance ("self-help")

We at Rich Inserts have a unique approach towards weight management.  Our weight management program initiates from the in-depth analysis of your eating habits and lifestyle to identify any gaps and loopholes that may be present. Based on these findings our diet experts suggest certain subtle refinements in your diet and lifestyle habits. Also, they offer you a customised diet plan according to your condition, keeping in mind your food preferences and convenience. If required, they may also suggest you some supplements that may be needed to take care of the nutritional gaps or for other health benefits. We believe in correcting the root cause instead of eliminating the symptoms.